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四级作文经典开头俗话说好的开始是成功的一半,这句话在四级写作中也同样适用,所以说给作文写一个好的开头非常重要。下面为大家整理了英语四级作文经典开头,供各位同学参考。四级作文经典开头一1.There is no consensus of opinionsamong people as to … some people tend




1.There is no consensus of opinionsamong people as to … some people tend to have a favorable attitude toward…While, others have an unpleasantassociation with…

2. Recently, the issue of ...... has been broughtinto public focus.


3. Recently the issue of (whether …ornot) has been in the limelight(成为引人注目的中心) and has aroused wide concern in the public.


4. Along with the advance of the societymore and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is ....


5. Now we are entering a brand new erafull of opportunities and innovations, and great changes have taken place inpeople''''s attitude towards some traditional practice.


6.______ has become a hot topic amongpeople,especiallyamong the young and heated debates are right on their way.


7.In no country other than China,it has been said, is the problem of ____more serious.



①As the graph depicts , …

②From the cartoon /picture , we can see that …

③According to the statistics shown in the first /second graph ,

④The table shows / indicates / reveals that …

⑤It can be seen /concluded from the picture / table / figures that …


①Recently , …has become the focus of the society .

②…has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life .

③Nowadays there is a growing concern for …

④Nowadays it is common to hear /see …

⑤…has become a common occurrence in our daily life .

⑥Nowadays more and more people are beginning to be aware of the seriousness of …

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